Redaksi Kuotabro

Rezza Indra Rahayu, S.E

Rezza Indra Rahayu, S.E
Chief Executive Officer

Rezza is Bachelor of Economics in Management, but he was more interested in the world of information technology. Now the owner of the kuotabro team.

Rina Mardiana, S.I.Kom.

Rina Mardiana, S.I.Kom
Chief Technology Officer

Rina is a journalist who graduated from Padjajaran University in the class of 2012-2016. Now as a field journalist on one of the television media and the editor of the Kuotabro team.

Siva Nurikhsani S.Kel.

Siva Nurikhsani
Specialist Writer

Hello, I’m Siva. A woman who grew up in a small town in Central Java. Now 24 years old and still managing his future as a Marine Bachelor who was trapped in the world of writing.

Devita Listiyaningsih S.Kel

Devita Liztiya
Specialist Writer

Annyeong. My name is Devita Listiyaningsih, can be called Devita or Devi. Having a hobby of writing, eating, and traveling.